Connectedness … two

Connectedness Inspires Living …

We are here, on earth, right now, for a reason; and you are worthy of the time that is upon us.

This time, as history is forming itself, demands that we become so much more than we ever thought to be.

Photo Credit: Julie Allan at ‘Symphony of Innovation’ SoL Global Forum Vienna 2006

We all have the capacity to do this!

“Out of kindness the heart’s beauty shines.” 

Julie Allan

We are in the most remarkable of times; living in a most interesting and most challenging era of human history.
The seriousness of our times is not to be used to fuel fear; it is rather to be used to power-up our inner greatness for fostering kindness; caring for humanity as a whole..

Hearts and minds working together by design…

Let us not permit ourselves to fall down into doom and gloom. Utilise instead your inner power and capacity for happiness. Use that self-power therefore as an armour against the fears and terrors of sorrow being thrust upon us. In today’s chaos of transformation, help our neighbour also rise up with us. Let us not leave anyone behind!

Be glad for their rise too; as it will also mirror our exchange of light-filled goodness; expanding our ‘circles-of-light’; consequently expanding human consciousness exponentially.

Adrian Ramsay photo credit: Hing Ang

Everything is simply energy:

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed
from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein

Learning to activate sustained synergy between the heart and the brain as researched by HeartMath Institute:

All transformations involve a messy-storming period; before the clarity emerges with innovative strategies that arise from our natural-giftedness and our genius that influences … Influences, the cleanup and the rebuilding of civilisation in communion with precious laws of life.

Distribute compassion and nurture for those beside us who have lost loved ones to the horror of terrorism, war and natural disaster.

Lift them up; give them strength; let them know that together we rebuild stronger.

These individual actions collectively will determine whether as a species we survive and thrive, or meet our own demise through self-centred; close-minded actions and behaviours.

”If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”

This quote is embedded into the motto and daily actions of Edgar’s Mission

Look fear in the eye and get excited …

Get really excited, for this is when real power arises; liberating the soul to a greater action, beyond limits of fear. Greater than we ever really needed to know, or be, until now; for now IS the time. Not because if we don’t, we won’t live to tell the tale; we rise because human-kind is finally, collectively, releasing the bonds of our limited thinking and limited past ways of living; time has changed forever.

Time and light has meaning for more awakened souls, than ever before, on this gorgeous planet of ours.

There is a great harvest of the genius of cultures across the whole world; across time; across thousands of years.

Everything is at our fingertips and available.

We just have to choose….

“You are the lure of our becoming.” Dr Jean Houston


by Steve Smith

Ah to dance the dance of joy…

As the soil dances slowly, flourishing in the earth

As the droplet dances flowing through the water

As the breeze dances lightly on the air

As the flame dances brightly in the fire

As we dance enlightened, the higher dance of Agape.

Our Natural Gifts Team