Connectedness … one

Connectedness Saves Lives …

There’s a connectedness with All Beings and with All of Nature; when we let ourselves connect and experience it. We are in exciting times. We as a humanity are exploring the opportunities and the connections between societal change, institutional change, and personal change.

Living a life of connectedness brings life together. Connectedness awakens the spirit and the sense of worthwhile.

“Love is the one emotion that expands intelligence because loves connect us.” Humberto Maturana

We primarily have three areas of personal connection to fully experience ‘Whole-Self Connectedness’:

  1. Self with Self
  2. Self with Nature
  3. Self with Other

When we are not connected, or the connection is disrupted/disconnected, we create a divide (a chasm) between one or all of the above. Then we create a spiritual divide, an ecological divide; and/or a social divide and each and every divide has the same sense of loss, emotional pain and sorrow.

“A connection between Self and Self, is between who I am today and who I could be tomorrow. And, if these two selves are not well-connected, it results in a feeling of loss of energy, symptoms of burnout, symptoms of depression, or even, in some cases, risk for suicide. In 2010, more people killed themselves than were killed by war, murder, and natural disasters combined. So think about that. In spite of all the violence going on across the planet, more people killed themselves than are being killed by others.” Otto Scharmer Aug 2017 MIT Senior Lecturer; a Thousand Talents Program Professor at Tsinghua University, and co-founder of Presencing Institute.

Social Connectedness …

Finding connection, as the social beings humans we are, is our daily strive from the moment we took our first breath to the day we expire our last. This is our natural evolutionary process. While quite simple in nature, yet it is complex in experiential reality as we traverse the minutes in between life’s breath.

Empathy is a most wondrous way to be with someone in connectedness as a whole-centred being. Empathy is therefore a gentle way to illustrate the power of our social connectedness.



  “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself
and a little less time trying to impress people.”

(The Breakfast Club)


Mindfulness, conscious attention and our intention is visible all around us; reflecting itself back at us and is available for our ‘Seeing and Hearing’ anywhere, anytime; playing a big role in connectedness with our value.

A  daily ‘commuting businessperson’ offers us this:

“As I walk down the busy road with the morning commuters on the way to work, I changed my mindset from bustle to connected.
I visualised all of the good people connected by waves emitted from their heads into the collective.
No personal competition but a collective calmness and oneness, people coming together for the best.
No smartphone devices needed, just a positive shift of mindset to try for yourself.”

Primal Scream – “Come Together”; from the 1991 album “Screamadelica” (FULL SONG audio only. 10mins)

“…We are together
We are unified,  
because together we got power
Apart we got power, we are together…”

Connecting from within us …

We can really tap into our immense capacities that we have for dignity; compassion; creativity; and above all to see the larger picture; not just in the outer world but the larger picture within.

We hear much, much more the quieter that we get on the inside (suspending the judgement of our thoughts and opening to our natural sensing and capabilities for the more subtle details of hearing and feeling and intuiting.)

“I sit quietly in gratitude, then humbly go forward.”
Steve Smith

When we bring the inner development to the outer expression and experience, our ease of purpose naturally precedes us; and guides our aim towards the end goals. Hence we are relieved of worry and self doubt, and filled with assuredness.

We are here, on earth, right now, for a reason; and you are worthy of the time that is upon us … 

End Part 1

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